Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ok I am going to try this again, as it has been months (maybe even years) since I was last blogging regularly.

Almost at the halfway point of my 4th year here at UW-Milwaukee and it's turning out to be my most productive/best semester yet which I needed after last year. I've been working at the UWM Bookstore since August as a cashier. First as a rush cashier originally for just 3 weeks, then as a permanent part-time cashier after being receiving one of the 4-5 permanent part-time positions among 35 rushes. Working as a cashier at the bookstore has given me a steady paycheck during school which is very nice to have. I enjoy working there, meeting new people and just basically improving my standing for after school which is coming soon in about a year and a half.

I've been hanging out with a couple friends once a week or so usually just hanging out, playing some Rock Band 1/2 (don't mess with us, The Kings of Newton, as well kick some major ass haha) or basically just chillin'. I have to admit that as the vocalist of our band, I have gotten pretty good at singing over the year or so we've been playing together (it's that Kelly musical talent in me I guess haha). I am addicted to singing games now as I have several Singstar titles (80s, 90s and Amped) and I just love them.

I turned 21 in March and I must admit that there is nothing better than just sitting back with a few close friends and enjoying some Mike's Hard Lemonade or Smirnoff flavors while grilling out at the beach or just relaxing watching tv or playing some Rock Band 1/2. I am definatley glad that I am not among the group of most college students who binge drink. In my opinion, you should drink to relax and just chill with friends, not drink just to get drunk, what kind of fun is in that?

Well I suppose that's all I have for now...until later, DK.